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The Importance Of Document Shredding

Document shredding is a simple way to destroy confidential documents that contain sensitive information about you and your business. Indeed, shredding is one of the quickest, cleanest yet most effective ways to destroy documents that contain sensitive information before disposal.

Protecting Confidential Information

There are several reasons to ensure your documents are thoroughly destroyed and unreadable before they are placed with other rubbish for collection and disposal. On an individual level, the danger lies with identity theft. People who get hold of your personal or financial details through discarded documents can impersonate you in order to access your finances or take advantage of things such as your credit record. For a business, there are some similar dangers – for example the possibility that thieves will get hold of a business' financial information or be able to fraudulently claim they are representing the business. However, the main problem is probably one of information you would prefer to keep confidential such as product specifications or new initiatives in development. If documents containing this kind of information are thrown away, they might then be retrieved and the confidentiality of the information compromised. This danger is especially pertinent for business that protect important customer or client information such as banks and other financial institutions, hospitals or legal practices.

Why Shredding?

Shredding avoids many of these dangers by reducing documents to pieces and rendering them unreadable. The pieces almost immediately get mixed up, along with pieces from many, many other documents. As a result, it is almost impossible to piece the documents back together. Whenever this has successfully been done (usually by governments rather than identity thieves or businesses) it has proved to be a very long and labour-intensive process. Shredding is just about the best way to ensure that information is destroyed. Even incinerating documents, when done on a large scale, sometimes leaves sections of text relatively untouched. Because these sections are in one piece, they remain legible and could still compromise important information. On top of this, shredding is cleaner, cheaper and safer than large-scale incineration.

Shredding Services

Small-scale domestic shredding can be handled with a small, inexpensive electric shredder. However, businesses usually need to destroy much larger quantities of documents. Using a small-scale shredder for this can be a lengthy, tedious process. Larger industrial shredders designed for offices are available, but the prices can be high for small and medium-sized businesses. For this reason, a shredding service like DocShred Oxford can be a more practical and cost-effective solution. They can collect your documents – no matter how many or few you have – and transport them securely in sealed containers for destruction. Alternatively, you can bring the documents in yourself at your convenience. You can even have documents shredded while you wait, so that you can personally see them destroyed. Whichever approach you take, documents will be thoroughly shredded to ensure no sensitive data will be retrieved, and you will receive a certificate of destruction to confirm this has taken place successfully.